Viola Woigk who writes the songs, has founded the band in 1994.
On bass Wilfried Woigk her father (THE POLARS), her brother Thomas on drums and on guitar Matthias Fröhlich. Shortly there after, the English-language CD was "Come" with which V.MIIRAGE then toured through Germany and helped shape some television shows (MdR, 3-SAT) and radio broadcasts. With" Daphne's Tree" V.MIRAGE was nominated for the German rock price, later for the "German song award" with "Die Ferne".  According to Viola's move to Berlin, they made new local musicians, among others Thom Nowotny, Thomas Woigk (Menhir), and Sebastian Scheibe (Staubkind) on bass. It originated new songs. The band got the studio price from the Berlin Senate and produced  now German songs. The first song "Sei Still!" (Be still!) appeared immediately on the compilation "Mystic Spirits 16" ........ (Zyx) and on the compilation "German attacks" under the name IMBETT.

After the "IMBETT" - tour with open-air performances, such Gothardus Festival, the Berlin Motzstrassenfest, arts festival in the castle park Pankow (Bln.) , or in the switchboard Weimar, the Tower in Halle, Culture Factory Mühlhausen, Waltershausen  and in relevant Berlin clubs like the ZAPATA, the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Garbáty, Acud, Copiable or the Kaffee Burger, now the most interesting occupation is the open-air look for Thüringentag 2011.
Viola has now been re-compiled to your project IMBETT and longer trips in the direction of gypsy swing her band to accurately combine these different styles of music and experimenting with it.


  Line up to date:

  •      Viola Woigk (Pasch, IMBETT, Viola con Padrinos) writes the songs and interprets them in her lascivious old, the keyboards can be eagerly

  •      William Woigk brings the groove of the time

  •      Robert Goeber (including with Viola con Padrinos) brings the band on bass for swinging and rocking

  •      Georg Kaminiczny (Viola`s favorite session musician, Viola con Padrinos, George K.) experimented on guitar

     as well as various musical suprise guest (classical piano or smoky jazz trumpet).


After the  open-air look for Thüringentag in 2011 or concerts in relevant Berlin clubs like the "Acud" or Garbáty we can be sure that it works wonderfully. It rocks and swings magical!

The band is working on a new record. The live audience will come in advance to enjoy the new songs.

Sure, some fans may remember the songs of the IMBETT tour.

The song "Sei still" is on the compilation "Mystic Spirits 16 (Zyx), as well as on the

Compilation "German Attacks" appeared. The whole "IMBETT" album can be

order here.

Even friends of the first album "Come" can be downloaded at